Want to get paid for your passion?

Want to train people the right way while bringing life
to the session with your experience?

You will fit right in!

Face To Face Training

We are always interested in hearing from passionate nurse trainers across the UK. We delivery a variety of mandatory, clinical and specialist courses in settings from prisons to peoples homes.


What we can offer you

Most importantly once all criteria has been met you will get paid on time everytime. We offer a 2 way working relationship where your feedback and opinion are valued. We offer a variety of opportunities, locations and subjects.
Honesty and transparency with clear and simple lines of communication.


We love sinking our teeth into a project we hope can improve training. Sometimes we have projects in mind but also we would love to hear your ideas.

Course Development & Assessment

We continually update our courses based on best practise, evidence, guidelines and frameworks. This is an ongoing task where we are also looking at feedback to improve and to consider different activities and learning styles. Usually this work can be done from home.


What we are about

We are a training company that truly values improvements in training, customer support and staff/learner support. We understand what a difficult yet rewarding job we have in the health and social care industry and we want to make it easier for people where we can.
Will we get it right everytime? We cant guarentee this but we can guarentee that we want to do everything we can do get it right and put it right.
We are passionate about improvement and making things easier and simple. Life is complicated enough so why overcomplicate recruitment or training?

What we need from you

Energy, Motivation, supportive attitude.
Flexibility and ability to adapt – As nurses we constantly need to adapt to our suooroundings and think on our feet. Some of our customers do not have the budget for a big fancy pants training room because they are investing their budget on staff and patients. With this in mind we need you to adapt to all shapes and sized training rooms and be organised, prepared and on time so you can set up ready for start time.
Reliability – it takes a lot of time, effort and expense to arrange training from both the care company and staff point of view. People sometimes needing to attend training on their valuable days off. If you let us down it has not only an impact on us and our reputation but for the hardworking staff and customers. We need clinical trainers who value our customers efforts and in case of needing to change availability we need as much notice as possible to make arrangements. Just as you would expect if the customer needed to change their plans.

What our customers are saying

"Today we had tracheostomy and catheterisation training for our nurses. Not only was the training information relevant and hands on. Our team were really impressed with the depth of knowledge and clinical experience. This meant real life examples were discussed during training."

D.S, Nurse Agency

What our customers are saying

 "Really relevant training today. Relevant and up to date. Theory and practice. Lovely atmosphere."

J.A, Nurse Agency

What our customers are saying

 "The impact of training has helped to reduce staff turnover. This was because of Jenna considering our needs and working with us to achieve our goals. Happy staff?"

Katrina, Home Care Manager

We supply training accredited by Ofqual & CPD

We work in association with Breakaway Training Ltd & Care consort

Help is just a call or an email away

We love helping our customers get the answer they need to make life that little bit easier. Tick one of your tasks from that list of yours and get in touch now by filling out the below form or by calling 01782 903 218

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