Tracheostomy Care Awareness


The aim of our tracheostomy care training course is to acquaint delegates with the reasons why tracheostomy might be needed as well as the care and management requirements of a tracheostomy.

The course provides the delegate with sufficient working knowledge to safely and effectively care for individuals with a tracheostomy. It is particularly useful for carers who tracheostomy patients.



Tracheostomy Care Awareness

Applied anatomy and physiology

Infection control and prevention

Different types of tracheostomy

Indications for tracheostomy

Complications of tracheostomy

Changing dressings and keeping the area clean

Fitting, managing and changing an inner cannula tube

Suctioning a patient with a tracheostomy

Communication and care of a patient with a tracheostomy tube

Keeping accurate records

Full tube change procedure

Emergency tracheostomy management (resuscitation) procedure and guidelines

Practical session using mannequin & suction machine

Training record sign off (6-hour version only)

Lasts approximately 3 hours

On completion of the course, delegates will have gained an increased understanding of the cause, needs and requirements of tracheostomy as well as their numerous types. They will have an in-depth knowledge of common complication and the correct procedures.

The practical session gives the candidate experience in changing dressings, suctioning the patient, inner cannula change and full tube change.

Delegates have the chance to practice their day-to-day tasks in order to become more confident.


The course lasts approx 3 hours


You will receive a certificate of attendance which is valid for 12 months.

Frameworks used in Mapping

We will be updating this section to include how we map our courses against Local and National Policies

Trainer Downloadable Presentation

Powerpoint presentation

Question paper

Student Feedback Form

Student Statement Form

Certificate Template

Lesson Plan Template

Training Poster for Staff Room/Email attachment

Trainer support information

Register Template

Reflection Template – Excellent for Revalidation but can be used by all staff

Trainer resource pack will be an excellent support to a trainer who facilitates training in house. The Trainer pack containers everything you will need to begin you own in-house training. You will be able to adapt and edit the resource pack to make it more bespoke to your area of work and this will assist delegates to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

At The Care Training Company Ltd we strongly recommend that you are both competent in the skill and to train staff before purchasing our trainer packs.

We have training courses available and please feel free to get in touch and we will be more than happy to help with any questions.

The packs are non-refundable so if you have any questions please get in touch before purchasing.

Train the Trainer

Pre-course material will be sent out 1 month before course date.

Within this material delegates will be expected to of completed necessary sections to participate within the course. The portfolio of evidence will be built up before, during and after the course. A micro teach will be filmed on the last day. Peer and self-assessments will be part of the assessment process. Reflective diary and action plan. The portfolio of evidence can be handed in up to 6 months after the final day of the course.

The portfolio will be both subject and training evidence.

Face to Face – The coursework must be completed before the assessment day. A final copy can be submitted after training. Assessment is role play, discussion, microteach, coursework. Certificate is valid for 3 years.

Distance – Support via email/calls with a clinical trainer through-out your study time and afterwards. Assessment is coursework and video microteach. Certificate is valid for 3 years

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