Palliative Care Training


The purpose of our palliative care training course is to teach the appropriate physical skills and practices associated with dignified death. It is aimed at carers who work with individuals who are nearing the ends of the lives. Key subjects will include the deterioration of human bodily functions and the preparation and response to increased levels of care.



Palliative Care Training


Legislation & agreed ways of working

Communication skills

Factors affecting end of life care

Importance of care planning in relation to end of life

Skin care, mouth care & the importance of nutrition

Simple ways to help alleviate pain by correct positioning and some of the common symptoms encountered

The basics of loss and bereavement for the families and the patient

Organisation and support available to individuals and key people in relation to end of life

How to address sensitive issues including spiritual issues

What they might see in the last 48hrs of life & support individuals through the process of dying

Managing & dealing with their own feelings/staff support

Lasts approximately 3-  6 hours

Delegates who complete this course will gain an improved understanding how to deal with individuals with palliative care needs as well as their responsibilities within the workplace.

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