Breakaway training


This comprehensive breakaway training is aimed at carers who require an understanding of how to protect themselves in situations when positive behaviour support fails such as when a physical attack occurs. As a result of the to the physical nature of this training course, candidates must be medically fit.



Breakaway Training

Our training will cover a baseline summary of the below:

Legal frameworks

Understand the causes and build up of an attack

Actions to avoid being restrained or attacked

Safely disengage from being held

Safely disengage another person from being held

Avoid and defend kicks and punches

Post incident actions

Record keeping and de-briefing

Maximum of 12 delegates per class

The remainder of the course content is 100% bespoke to your business and will be tailored to your requirements. As a large portion of the course can be bespoke to your needs, the remaining learning outcomes will depend on your needs and requirements.


The course lasts approx 3 hours


You will receive a certificate of attendance which is valid for 12 months. 

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