Basic Observation


Our basic observation training course is aimed at carers who want to improve their understanding in healthcare by learning how to document and report their observations



Basic Observation

Vital signs – pulse, blood pressure (manual and/or digital), respiration rate, oxygen saturation

Vital sign – language associated with

Neurological observations

Aseptic technique

Hand washing technique

Urinalysis and how to obtain samples – catheter, continent and incontinent person

Axillary, oral, tympanic temperature

Blood sugar monitoring

Infection control, record keeping, consent and confidentiality will also be discussed.


The course lasts approx 6 hours


You will receive a certificate of attendance which is valid for 12 months. Where skills have been demonstrated and assessed a certificate of classroom competency will be issued.

Frameworks used in Mapping

We will be updating this section to include how we map our courses against Local and National Policies

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