Anaemia Awareness


Anaemia Awareness Training for care staff and nurses.



Anaemia Awareness Training

This three-hour anaemia awareness training course will help delegates to gain a clearer understanding of the care requirements associated with patients suffering from anaemia. It will cover the types anaemia as well as the physical and mental effects it has on the patient.

The main aims of the courses are to provide:

What is anaemia?

What are the different types of anaemia?

What causes anaemia?

What are the physical effects of anaemia?

What are the mental effects of anaemia?

How to diagnose anaemia

Interpretation of blood results

What are the treatments of anaemia?

Maximum of 15 delegates per class


Approx 3 hours. The charge is full day and you can have the course repeated for a second group or have a different subject.


Delegates will be issued with certificates of attendance valid for a period of 1 year.

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